Preparing for the year ahead

I am not sure if people who are not in education realize the preparation that goes into a new school year. We have only been back officially for two days. Many of us have spent time in meetings discussing curriculum, data, expectations, and school policies and procedures. We’ve sat in our classroom to see if it feels welcoming and ready for the first day of school. We are getting ready for meet the teacher by having forms and stations set up for families to participate in. Some of us are shopping for extra supplies for scholars who may not have what they need.

Two days in, and is it too late to think about a long weekend coming up? LOL.

Hopefully families will understand that we want to be everything for their kids. All while trying to be everything for our own families.

My goal this year is to find a balance between school, family, fitness, and personal time. You would think after 10 years I have it all figured out, but guess what….not many of us have it as together as we might seem.

So this year, I ask that you pray for all of us who are doing our best every day to be everything for everyone!

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