Off to a Great Start

We are on day 8 of school with students. And I am ready for a nap, LOL.

Week 1 we did a lot of team building and collaborative work to get to know each other and build a positive classroom culture. We set the expectations and talked about what those should look like in our class. Of course that is how we always start the year to make sure we set the “tone” from the beginning. So far, I have gotten lots of positive feedback from families and students.

We are in Week 2, and the academics are in full force. We are working on our first week of reading curriculum and our continents and oceans review in Social Studies.

I am pleasantly surprised that most of the scholars know a lot about Informational Text and can describe text features as well as reading and text marking strategies. 🙂 I am always surprised and saddened by the fact that most of my new 5th graders have no idea about our world. They cannot label or identify our seven continents, or the five oceans. So we jump right in with songs and study guides and visual projects to help them to learn them, and hopefully remember them.

I really am tired now that I am getting up at 5:15 AM each morning again. But I feel so satisfied that what I am doing each day is shaping minds and molding hearts and growing leaders! I cannot imagine my life without teaching.

Here’s a glimpse of the work we are doing already…..

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