This year we are participating in The Global Read Aloud , and we will be reading The Bridge Home: The purpose of this amazing global community effort is to connect scholars to books, and connect students to people in their community, as well as the global community who are reading the same book.  Check out the Google Map that I created which shows ALL of the participants reading this awesome book.

It is my goal as a 5th grade teacher to connect students with reading in a way that changes them forever.  I want my students to fall in love with reading, and find ways to learn about the world around them through reading, technology, and building global connections.

This year we will be using our technology to Skype/Google Hangout with other classes in the US and Canada to discuss the novel, The Bridge Home.  We will be using technology and apps such as Flipgrid and Padlet to connect with other scholars across the globe to discuss the book.  We will have an opportunity to connect with the author PADMA VENKATRAMAN via Twitter & Facebook, and possibly other modes of communication as well. 

It is my hope to have as many community members as possible sign up to read aloud to my students, and to discuss the importance of reading and becoming informed responsible global citizens.  As guest readers come in, I will be posting photos on Class Dojo.

We also have an opportunity to work with a local priest who is travelling to India.  He will be working in schools and has indicated that he would be able to get us pen pals and also to come in and speak as we finish the book in November.

This is one of the most excited initiatives that we participate in each year, and I hope that you and your scholar will find the experience to be as amazing as I do each year.

If you want to purchase this book for your scholar so that they have their own individual copy, that is up to you.  I have had friends and family donate copies of the book, so I should have enough for 23 students.

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